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Swimming kickboard is one of the common auxiliary props in the process of learning and practicing swimming, and it has a great effect on improving swimming level. Swimming is a... Read More

Life vest is a life-saving clothing, similar in design to a vest, made of nylon fabric or neoprene (NEOPRENE), buoyancy or inflatable materials, reflective materials, etc. The general service life... Read More

Swimming pool stainless steel lifeguard chair is a kind of safety equipment for swimming pools. Lifeguards sit on the life-saving chair and overlook the entire swimming pool or entertainment area.... Read More

Rescue Tube-Water Fun Outdoor Products

Product Description: WaterFun Rescue Tube is a high quality and great life-saving device for lifeguards. It provides flotation support and assist lifeguards during water rescue. ● High quality NBR/PVC closed cell foam. ●... Read More