How Can I Register a General Supplies Company in Kenya

Requirements to Open a General Supplies Business Bank Account
Once you have decided on the bank to open an account with, you will then put together documents to make an application for an account.

The requirements for opening a company bank account vary from bank to bank but they generally include the below:
Original IDs of all company directors
Copies of ID Cards of all the company directors
Original Certificate of Incorporation for the company and 2 copies of the same
Certificate of Incorporation, CR2, CR8, CR12 for company
Board resolution letter instructing the bank to open an account done on the company’s letter head.
Cheque Signing mandate letter done on company’s letter head with the company seal affixed indicating the mandates of the signatories as [both to sign, either to sign or one to sign]
Original PIN Certificates of the directors and 1 copy of each.
Original VAT Certificate and 1 copy of same.
Deposit of Kshs 5,000 for a Business account OR Kshs 10,000 for a Current account
An Introducer with an account at the Bank (some banks)

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