How to install the official Snap Store on Ubuntu, Arch, Manjaro, CentOS, Fedora

Snaps is a graphical app store developed by canonical for ubuntu, One of the most popular distribution right now.

There is a lot of advantage using snaps one of them, All libraries and dependencies are included inside packages.

User do not have to worry about packages dependencies and easily install same package multiple time on multiple Linux Distribution.

Snaps is references to packages and snapd is the daemon through which we run snaps. Snaps are self-container packages and container content all the dependencies which packages required to work.

Flatpak is also another way to use packages without worring about dependencies then why to use snaps.

Application in snaps store more then 1200 right now.

Snaps uses AppArmour for sandboxing packages.

Snaps are open source to client but closed for server side.

Snaps cannot use libraries of another snap packages.

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