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Products Shizhan Group provides a variety of aluminum truss system stages, which can be used as hotels, conference rooms, T-stages, outdoor celebration performances, aluminum truss stages, and all the stage truss... Read More

Structural characteristics of 12 inch aluminum square box truss The 12 inch aluminum square box truss is mainly subjected to unidirectional tension and compression. Through the reasonable arrangement of the upper... Read More

1. What are the features of Aluminium truss clamp for stage light truss? Aluminium truss clamp for stage light truss can be said to be a new type of material with... Read More

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Swimming kickboard is one of the common auxiliary props in the process of learning and practicing swimming, and it has a great effect on improving swimming level. Swimming is a... Read More

Life vest is a life-saving clothing, similar in design to a vest, made of nylon fabric or neoprene (NEOPRENE), buoyancy or inflatable materials, reflective materials, etc. The general service life... Read More

Swimming pool stainless steel lifeguard chair is a kind of safety equipment for swimming pools. Lifeguards sit on the life-saving chair and overlook the entire swimming pool or entertainment area.... Read More

Rescue Tube-Water Fun Outdoor Products

Product Description: WaterFun Rescue Tube is a high quality and great life-saving device for lifeguards. It provides flotation support and assist lifeguards during water rescue. ● High quality NBR/PVC closed cell foam. ●... Read More

Custom top Acrylic Display Stands | Acrylic Display Case | Acrylic Display Box | Acrylic Display Risers for cosmetic, skincare, perfume, watches, pens etc. Actgreen Display is one of... Read More