Proexcellency Provides S4HANA FSCM Online Training

FSCM is nothing but improving the efficiencies of the accounts receivable and accounts payable teams
leading to an improvement of the business’s cash flow. SAP Financial Supply Chain Management suite of
modules and applications provides a solution to improve your AR processes; it provides functionalities
for electronic billing, managing billing disputes, collections management, and credit risk management.

Following are the Modules of FSCM :

– SAP Treasury and Risk Management (FIN-FSCM-TRM),
– SAP Biller Direct (FIN-FSCM-BD),
– SAP Cash and Liquidity Management (FIN-FSCM-CLM),
– SAP Collections Management (FIN-FSCM-COL),
– SAP Credit Management (FIN-FSCM-CR),
– SAP Dispute Management (FIN-FSCM-DM)
– SAP In-House Cash (FIN-FSCM-IHC).
– SAP Bank Communication Manager (FIN-FSCM-BCM)

Functions of FSCM:

1.Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment 
2. Collections Management 
3. Credit Management 
4. Dispute Management

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